Cat-ion Contest!

Sorry to my subscribers who are probably getting bombarded with alerts that I have a new post up- I’m almost done!

I’m trying to organize the blog and get some professional input on what to do, where to go from here along with some critiquing. Try to put my best word forward.

In the meantime, got a funny picture of one of the cats the other day… think you have a good caption to go along? Sound off in the comments!

The best one wins… bragging rights and my eternal gratitude. Actually, y’all got that anyway, so basically bragging rights. 😀

A few of the favorites we have for him around the house are: Jabba the Gut, Fat Sajak, Heisenbert (he’s no Walter White but still big time in his small circle), Donald Plump annnnd I’m sure there are more but can’t think of them at the moment.

FullSizeRender (2)

Ps. Yes, he IS a big boy. Yes, the vet has seen him.

Ps again. Here is a couple of comparison shots with his little sister.