Today’s word prompt is childhood.

A list poem:

Hot days, warm nights.

Popsicle puddles pooling around our fisted fingers.

Our version of kick the can was rolling each other (and the neighborhood kids) in that huge cardboard garbage bin… was it a garbage bin or did it just stink like garbage?

Sharing a bed at grandma and grandpa’s house, you losing a sock and then your mind- until it was recovered from somewhere deep within the tangled sheets.

Celebrating our birthday’s on the same get together with grandma and grandpa Allen, the goldfish that swam above the kitchen sink, the M&M’s at the door.

You hiding my pet rock and breaking my pet egg… thank God we got a dog!

Stealing clothes, sharing secrets.

Best friends.

Sworn enemies.

Time passed, as it always does.

We lived so close but were so far from each other.

I lost you before you even left…

I caught glimpses of her, the you that I knew and my hope and my anticipation and my love grew to heights unchartered.

You told me you were living in Hell on Earth and now that you’re gone, you’ve sentenced all who love you to the same.

You were an addict. A slave to the high.

Through your absence, I’ve come to find

that you yourself were a drug, a high I’ll never find.


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