We’re Moving!

Omg, finally! We found a place to live! We passed the background check, had our rental history reviewed and our credit approved! There was some concern about possibly needing a co-signer but that proved to be unnecessary.

It’s time to get excited! Pack, plan, schedule and pick up a U-Haul.

It’s time for a fresh start.

Pro’s of the new place? Two bathrooms, zero stairs, corner unit, washer/dryer in unit, large deck and a den.

Con’s of the new place? No Larry. Larry is our downstairs neighbor who nearly electrocuted himself trying to jump my Don’s car with my jumper cables. He never complained about the noise (and there was the occasional screaming match) or the rain in his living room after our washer broke… Funny guy. Really nice. His wife too. 

Uh-oh. I’m posting from my bed (!) and I hit something that published this unfinished post, yikes!

I’ll take that as my cue.

Goodnight all!

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